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There are some, I am sure, who honestly believe that an Assembly for Wales is a good idea for Wales.


Some will welcome the removal of benevolent control, albeit sometimes misguided, from Westminster – surely they can not welcome direct rule by the un elected dictator committee that rules Europe, the European Commissioners. Some may feel that two more tiers of Government will help Wales, I can not for the life of me see how – the more tiers of Government the further from the electorate decision making becomes.


There will be those who will consider this an opportunity

to remove QUANGOs, this can not be so when all that is happening is they are replaced by politicised committees whose motivation is thus to be re elected by pandering to their voters albeit at the expense of others. Most of the QUANGOs are to remain anyway!


There will be those who favour an Assembly for Wales for their own personal glory


or their own financial gain, then again there are those who favour being big fish in little puddles knowing they have not the competence to swim in the big sea. There will be Cabinet Ministers, MEPs & MPs who will stand down in their larger jobs, where they have failed to make their mark or made fools of themselves, to seek personal puffed up importance in the minnow pool of the Assembly for Wales.


There will be those who believe they can achieve some sort of crazy stature


for their insular and introspective or out dated and bizarre nationalism through an Assembly for Wales.


There will be few with an understanding or belief that they can make selfish personal gain


through economics, trade, security, commerce, tourism, manufacturing, education, health etc., etc. who can welcome these fractured isles ruled by Europe as a replacement for these Independent Sovereign United Kingdoms. Those who wittingly acquiesce or promote the concept are in breech of trust with their ancestors and the almost 2 Million who have died this century defending Britain against invasion by European enemies.


Those who have read & understood the various European Treaties realise that in the long run they seek only to serve the major international corporations, the nightmare of globalism & the politicians themselves. To aid and abet the implementation of ‘Heidrich’s 1942 Reichs Plan for the Domination of Europe’, will be seen by historians as the greatest Treason of all time.


The tighter the enslavement of the barbed wire circle of yellow stars of the EUropean Union’s banner the greater will be the tragedy & strife in its undoing.


The Treaties predicate

that by consent, by strife or by bloodshed

they will be undone, there is no long-term choice.


If You Doubt ANY Of The Above FACTS


Please Check Them Yourself.


May we suggest you read some of the following books and papers - better still read them all!


1. The Treaty of Amsterdam in Perspective. The full text of all the changes & additions incorporated into the Treaty of Rome, the Single European Act & the Maastricht Treaty by the Treaty of Amsterdam together with an analysis of the extra powers of the European Community Institutions. Quoted by The Sunday Telegraph as ‘Invaluable’.


2. Europe’s Full Circle. By Rodney Atkinson. Reveals how the EU is built on the Nazis’ 1942 blueprint, based on corporate elites & the new Fascism. Shows the loss of sovereignty and the un democratic structure of the EU. A very authoratitive read.


3. Treason At Maastricht being the destruction of the nation state where Rodney Atkinson & Norris McWhirter describe the 8 treason cases in the British Courts over the destruction of our constitution & sovereignty. A very informative read.


4. The Castle Of Lies. Christopher Booker & Richard North outline the reasons why Britain must get out of Europe.


5. The Bastards. By Teresa Gorman MP who tells the sensational inside story of the revolt against the government & Europe and the Machiavellian way it was crushed.


6. Britain Held Hostage. Lindsay Jenkins reveals who created the EU & why, tracing its origins to the pre war plotting to create a super state. Detailing Britain’s loss of control & the imposition of small steps with terrifying consequences.