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The Welsh Assembly


Is a Private Limited Company.


We aim to keep people informed of the machinations of both The Assembly for Wales and the evils The EUropean Union.


To highlight the issues we waited until several months after the sordid and corrupt devolution campaign and the corrupt vote; however knowing the ineptitude and hubris of the Government we realised that they had not even had the commercial wisdom to secure their own name! We registered ‘The Welsh Assembly as a company. We did this to raise the profile of the grave issues at stake and understand that the government was forced to shred 20,000 copies of ‘The Welsh Assembly Bill’ and reprint in a short time with the new name ‘The National Assembly for Wales’.


We waited for many more months, since the government was ‘banging on’ about the importance of the www. and ‘e’ commerce. Yet again they had failed to secure their position which is why we have registered ‘The Welsh Assembly’ as an internet domain. Once again we have done this to raise the profile of the damage being done to our Nation - Britain.



We believe that Britain should remain an Independent Sovereign democracy. We do not believe that our elected representatives should effectively treasonously subjugate the people of Britain to government by an un elected committee dictatorship - the European Commissioners.


We believe that our elected representatives have No mandate to destroy Britain’s Sovereignty. We believe a majority of the British value their freedom.


We are self funded with the help of private donations, made by organisations and individuals who believe that the propaganda of the European Union should in some way be balanced by the dissemination of fact and interpretation.


To avoid ANY possibility of accusations of fraud we have NO bank accounts in the name of The Welsh Assembly - however if you would like to help to raise the awareness of the peoples of Britain including those in Wales please make a donation payable to:


Greg Lance - Watkins

c/o The Welsh Assembly,

17 Upper Church Street,


NP16 5EX



We are funded solely by donations.


We would welcome your help to bring the facts to the attention of more and more people: Do make as many copies of this site as you can and distribute them amongst your friends, colleagues & contacts.


You are encouraged to make links from your own Web Site to ours or to load the facts from this Web Site to your own.


We would welcome your help to inform people what is being done to them by the treacherous behaviour of their elected representatives.


For example: A Donation by you of £50 will pay for 700 photo copies, £100 will pay to mail information to 75 extra people & your donation of £500 will fund us for one week.


To save your country from enslavement by the barbed wire circle of yellow stars of the EUropean Union’s banner please be as generous as you can afford to be. Without your help Britain will be further dominated by the unelected dictator committee - the European Commissioners, supported by the EUropean police - Europol & the political courts of the EU in the Hague.


The EU plans to destroy Britain’s independent Sovereignty and control over its own destiny by introducing Economic & Monetary Union another step towards enslavement which has NO benefit for you or I.


PLEASE help us to fight to regain Britain’s freedom, against the evil super state that the Nazis planned.


Your Help Really Really Matters.





It is our intention to add more and more facts and links to other sites on a regular basis.


Thank you for your interest.


We do apologise for any errors and the slow delivery of a better presentation with even more facts - this is due to very limited skills, a very small amount of money and almost no available time!


Relative to Tiny Blur, who we are told, has spent £130,000 on his Web Site to date and has two full time skilled individuals working on it full time, unfortunately we do not have the free access to British tax payers money that he enjoys to fund his propaganda. Please bear with us!